Why should you own a Watch Winder?


It’s surprising that quite a number of people don’t know what a watch winder is. In fact, a good number of people have never heard the term winder being used with watches. For starters, a watch winder is an important device that is supposed to keep watches running when they are not in use for a while. This applies for automatic watches alone. Remember that automatic watches use the pendulum principle to operate. This is where they wind themselves through a weight that has been fitted inside the watch. While there are many companies in the use specializing in the sale of watch winders, buyers should be cautious. For those looking for a watch winder, click for more info.

Why you need a winder

Before people buy their first automatic watch, they never realize the need for a watch winder. However, for those that belong to the exclusive club of automatic watch collectors and owners, they know its importance. First, the winders are responsible for keeping the watch running. Most automatic watches use an intricate spring mechanism that ensures that your watch is wound for as long as you are wearing it. This is made possible by the natural movements and turns of your wrist. For those that own watches, they will tell you that it will stop to function after two days without being worn. The main purpose of a watch winder is to simulate these movements. The winder uses the specifications that have been put in place by the manufacturer. This relies on the battery or the AC power.

Remember watches have their own stress

Most of us wonder why they should spend hundreds of dollars while they can manually adjust the winder. What these people forget is that they may not remember. At the same time, they forget that the adjustment is a mechanical process that has its drawbacks. Whenever you manually adjust your watch, you subject it to wear and tear. You may not want this considering that repairs by manufacturers are known to be very costly and lengthy.

Perfect moves

Remember that the best option for your watch is your wrist movement. When this is not possible, the watch winder becomes the second best option. These devices use a meter that has been calibrated carefully. This means that the devices are the best for all types of movements. This could be counterclockwise, clockwise and even bidirectional.

Samples of watch winders

Today, there are plenty of watch winders in the market. They differ in size, operation and cost. Some of the common watch winders include: The first model is the Orbita Sparta Single that will cost you around $250. The Volta Cambridge is another model that costs around $1200. Other models include the Wolf Meridian Winder, the Belocia as well as the Heiden Vantage Quad.


This article offers an insight of the watch finder. Throughout the article, reasons as to why you should own a watch winder are discussed. The article concludes by giving you examples of common winders in the market.