Kinds – Kinds of Floor Type


1.Floor Plastering

Floor Plastering is a floor made of a mixture of port land cement and sand. Usually this floor is found in homes or shop houses – antiquity. For the application itself is the same as the plaster and aci walls of the house, but slightly added polish to look more shiny. Although rarely used or applied in homes, but still many houses that use this type of floor concept. Because this type of floor can be categorized as a type of natural floor.

  1. Floor Tiles / Floor Tiles

This floor is certainly often we see in the neighborhood of our environment. The process is also almost the same as the plaster floor, the tiles are made of a mixture of cement between port land and sand. What distinguishes the tiles in print first. And for its application laid out on the floor surface with glue mortal / cement. Once the tiles are only colored cement, but as the times progressed, this vintage impression made his name popular again.

  1. Ceramics

This type of floor in Indonesia began in the present day. The materials used are clay that is burned and printed. Even not only in the country just this kind of floor in love, abroad was still a lot of homes that use this type of floor. Because, this floor has a motif that can be displayed from ceramics. Starting from the motifs of stone, wood, flowers and so forth. In addition, the price is relatively affordable.

  1. Parquet Floor

Perhaps for you who want to have a natural and beautiful view, this type of flooring can be an option for your home. In ancient times, some tribes in this country use wood materials for the material floor of his house. Parquet Floor Is a floor made of quality wood materials. However, this type of floor has started rare, therefore the floor is quite expensive floor. There are Some Types of Parquet Floors like Solid Parquet, Parquet Enginering, and Parquet Laminate. In its application you can arrange pieces of wood have been formed first on the floor surface.

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