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PREPARE FOR HURRICANE SEASON. The hurricane season are seen to peak during the rainy period. There are many individuals who have seen and experienced hurricane happenings, yet there are also those people who have not really encountered it at all, especially the ones living on the coasts – still it is best to always be prepared. With all the changes happening on a global scale – industries on the rise, pollution growing each day, abrupt weather disturbances experienced all over the world – all of these only contributes to hurricanes getting stronger and more devastating each time. So, it is wise to be prepared in advance should it every hit your place. It is common knowledge that hurricanes are often combined with strong winds and rains, thus the coming up of this tempest season makes it all the more vital to know the different ways and means of planning and preparing ahead of time.
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Firstly, do not overlook the importance of transportation so take note that your vehicle’s tank is always full and has undergone maintenance and checkup. Secondly, make sure that you have enough cash on hand. Also, high winds and torrential rains will flood your yard or garden so do not leave anything outside unless they are really meant to be placed there. Bottom line is, anything that is not secured down and should not be found outside in the first place – like toys, pets, plants, garden decors, furniture, and much more – must be brought inside and kept there.
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Fourth, as a dependable guideline, you would need to have a gallon of water for every individual in the family, available every day for use. You can either purchase water from open stores or gallons and tubs with clean water. It is also wise to stock up on enough food for such emergencies. Fifth, if there is the possibility of a typhoon occurring, it is prescribed that you secure any open air furniture as these may possibly bring about wounds and other dangers to the people inside the house. As a final point, it is best to stay indoors when all the disturbance is going on around you – it is the safest and wisest option possible. Get updated with the latest weather reports and outside conditions through your radio and television. Take other measures to ensure that your home is safe, before during and after the tempest – have an indoor air quality testing done in advance and after. As soon as possible, report any flooding and other property damages that your house and its surroundings have sustained. Ensure that your family are fully aware of the dangers and hazards that they can expect after the incident, manage their expectations educate them as much as you can.