How to decorate your home with red shades


Red is bold, it’s warm, it’s rustic. Using the colour red in your home will bring charm and personality to any room. As it is such a strong colour, you may prefer to use it for a signature wall, but with so many different shades of red to choose from, combining and matching colours can work well with any style.

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Moroccan red

Morocco is a place often associated with vibrancy and life and bringing Moroccan reds into your kitchen can provide an amazing look and feel. Matched with white ceramic and simple natural coloured tiles can be very effective and provide a bit of spice to the heart of any home.

Natural fabrics

Red can also be the perfect match to neutral woven fabrics which are often found in the relaxing areas of the home such as bedrooms and lounge areas. A throw on the back of a sofa, or a rug with red tones can make a room feel warm and welcoming, and paired with coordinating cushions, or a large wall tapestry, it can bring out the best colours in a room.

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Blending reds with natural woods can be the perfect combination, and using it in your dining area to match a wooden table, or with engineered flooring from companies such as can really provide a wow factor when entertaining. Wooden flooring is a popular choice in homes up and down the country and can really enhance bright colours within the home.


According to technology experts, our homes will one day be able to predict our mood. In previous times, gathering around the fireplaces with family and friends brought great happiness, so polishing up any brickwork, or using interior bricks as part of your design can make this a real focal point in any room. For example, using a single band of red brick can turn simple shelving into something very special.


Home accessories transform any space, both inside and out. Terracotta in outdoor areas can add colour to your garden and traditional terracotta pots are perfect for growing herbs to use in your cooking and make your garden and home smell divine. If you have a large outdoor space or patio area, use a planter to feature autumnal colours, ensuring you have colour inside and out.