Best Brands for Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling fans helps to complement your home decor and increases your comfort by keeping the rooms cool, thus helping you to save money on your energy bill. Selecting the best ceiling fan is very important, ceiling fans area available in different sizes – small, large and medium size ceiling fans. Here is a guide to the best brands for ceiling fans in India;



Havells is an Indian based company which has products ranging from kitchen and home appliances, modular switches, LED lighting, fans, wiring accessories, induction motors, capacitors and other products too. Havells ceiling fans are the most sought appliances by the customers and they all come with a maximum speed of 350 RPM.

Instead of the regular four blade fan, they have introduced fans with three blades. They have fans with five blades too that have a powerful motor that does not make any noise. The entire fan range from Havells is built with best materials that give optimum results and last long.


Atomberg is a leading manufacturer and seller of power-saving fans in India. They have Gorilla ceiling fans which are super-energy efficient. The electricity consumed by a Gorilla fan is less than a normal tube light. The motor used in the fans is BLDC motor which results is no heating and motor runs cool. It is one of the best ceiling fans brand if you want to save energy and cut down on your electricity. Check out Atomberg’s website to know more.


Orient Electricals is an Indian consumer electrical company that manufactures and exports lighting products,


and other essential consumer appliances. Orient offers a wide range of ceiling fans that helps to decorate your interiors. Orient’s ceiling fans are decorative and energy efficient.

Orient offers you a huge range of well-designed and planned ceiling fans that will raise the appearance of your home. They have a range of fans that display stylish colors and pleasant and elegant designs and are quality guaranteed.

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is an Indian based multinational company which emphases on manufacture,


and engineering of pumps, motors, fans and transformers. The ceiling fans are exceedingly efficient but a slight expensive.

They however

add to the charm, safety, luxury and sturdiness to your home. These fans make minimum sound and signify durability and class. Crompton fans are energy efficient and appear pleasing to the eye.


Usha Group is one of the India’s finest fan manufacturers and is a multi- product developing corporation that provides top notch quality fans. Usha manufactures a variety of lifestyle fans with brilliant features which comprises of specially constructed reversible motor in addition to a whisper and

wobble free

operation. Each of these ceiling fan models


planned as well as engineered with utmost care.

Usha fans are recognized for their durable design and durability and their grand expertise with


design that has put them


the number one position in several Indian households. Usha is the only brand which focuses on the aerodynamic design and delivers stylish and sleek fans that look amazing.


Bajaj is a very popular name in the market since a very long time as they are known to be long lasting that delivers good breeze. With a huge range of fans to select from, Bajaj delivers what it promises. Bajaj initially designed only traditional fans but now they have taken to offer amazing fans that are well equipped with all the latest technology and are stylish.


Khaitan is also another popular brand in India when consumers speak of ceiling fans. This brand is rated by EPRO-Effective and Positive Rated Output and is known to design as well as manufacture fans which provide maximum breeze even with low speed. Khaitan ceiling fans are highly affordable and energy efficient.


One of the leading manufacturers of fans in India, Orbit brand is known to design energy efficient fans which help to save electricity. This brand focuses on high-quality products for saving electricity and has various amazing models that one can choose from.