5 Projects to Get Your Spring Lawn Looking Healthy


Proving good care for your lawn allows you to reap the rewards of enjoyment through the spring, summer, and fall months. Below are five projects you can begin right away to get your lawn looking healthy.

Clearing Out Winter Debris

Winter is one season of the year that leaves your lawn looking challenged. It will look healthy or grow right until you clear out the winter debris left behind by wind, storms, and cold temperatures. Old leaves, small tree branches, and trash can clutter the yard from the series of storms that move through and drop moisture over the months. Your yard will begin to perk up and look healthier right away.

Trimming Bushes and Low Tree Branches

Spring weather always wakes the plants and they begin to hit growth spurts that lead to the need for trimming. Bushes can get out of control if trimming is not done on a regular basis. It is the perfect time to trim small, low-hanging branches before you begin a steady season of outdoor activities.

Weed Removal and Control

It seems that it takes no time for weeds to awaken and begin growing on your lawn. Weeds can begin to take over the grassy areas if not removed and controlled. Spring is the perfect time to begin ridding your lawn of any crabgrass.

Seeding Bare Spots

Early spring is the best time to take a good look at the lawn and address any bare patches. Seeding and covering with straw will allow the spring moisture to help refill those bare spots with healthy, fresh grass. Excellent services that provide lawn care Sewickley PA like Tuma Lawn knows how to provide the right seeds to give uniform results.

Adding Greenery or Flowers

Spring is a great time to refresh your lawn by adding greenery or creating a dramatic flower bed full of blooming plants of all colors. You can add a little, or do a complete landscaping remodel.

Spring is a favored season for many people since everything seems to come back to life. Spend a little quality time preparing your lawn for the warm months ahead.