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Know the Hardwood Flooring Hardness Type for Home

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Various types of wood are usually used as the home floor. Check out more information below:

• Pine Wood


Pinewood has several types such as eastern white pine, western white pine and longleaf pine. Of all types of pine wood, most have a fairly strong resistance level to the attack of termites and fungi. If you want to custom your flooring just visit custom painted wood flooring

In damp conditions, pine wood can last up to 5 years of usage. If the area of ​​the room that applied the pine wood floor is not damp, this wood can even last longer.

• Cedar Wood


Known as a hard and durable wood type, cedar wood is widely used as hardwood flooring. Under damp conditions, cedar can even last up to 20 years. No wonder the cedar wood became one of the favorite homeowners to be used as a …